How nostalgic music can make your wedding day feel so different...

Most couples are looking to convey their personalities in every aspect of their big day. One way to achieve this is through the power of music!


Last weekend our lovely bridal couple chose two buskers they’d met in Chester for the music for their drinks reception. Two very remarkable gentlemen who played piano and trumpet. I didn’t dare ask their ages, but they knew all the second world war songs of hearts broken and fixed. Perfect blues music- just right while drinking champagne and nibbling canapés. It was just lovely to hear something so different. They don’t normally play at weddings so it was something quite different for them too.

These days all couples are looking to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it’s the simplest things, like a familiar tune, that make the day even more memorable. So if you happen to be drifting through the streets of your local city and hear something that pulls at your heart strings, don’t be afraid to see if they’d like to play at your wedding as Malcolm and John did here this weekend! Have a listen to them on YouTube just brilliant!

However you decide to use music on your big day, try to make it a reflection of you, of your memories, and of the way you want you and your guests to feel.