Meet The Team

Pentre Mawr is a family run business, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our home. Although you will see lots of different faces ready to help, these are some of the people you will likely meet during your time with us!



These are the crazy people who decided it was a good idea to introduce African Safari Lodges to Pentre Mawr. There’s Graham, he’s head gardener, chief cook and bottle washer and a pretty good hand in the kitchen when Bre’s not around. Then you’ve got Bre, she’s kind of a jack of all trades but useless on the digger and the tractor. You’ll find her in the kitchen at weekends cooking up a storm! She’s also the mad woman at the end of your emails who tries to keep track of what’s going on.



Lorna is our incredible Manager and Wedding Coordinator. Ready to greet you with a smile and ensure your day goes off without a hitch! Lorna had her own wedding here at Pentre Mawr Country House, and so you won’t find anyone better to give the best recommendations for a fabulous day here with us!



Then there’s Conor, who is a great commis chef in the kitchen, a dap hand at any maintenance around the place, and an all-round good egg. Elin can be found in the office or speeding by on a golf-buggy, helping things to run smoothly. They both help out when they’re not away working and studying in Manchester.



Here to make sure you feel thoroughly welcomed- The Pentre Pals!

Our Collies, Darcey Bussell (red collar), and Rosie O’Grady (purple collar) love a belly rub and a golf-buggy.

Our Cats, Peter (tabby), Charlie (grey) and Barney (ginger) will most likely be lounging on Bre and Graham’s bed.

And finally our mischievous Mini Shetland Ponies. Izzy (the bossy one), Shelley (the biggest one), Lottie (the chilled one), and Breeze (the chestnut Tina Turner) will be yours for some Polo mints.